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Get to know us and the intriguing tale of our creation and progress

People, Our Most Valuable Investment

We have always believed that people are the strength of any organization. It is borne out of people, grows through its people’s contribution and will continue to progress through its people. After all, if not for people, technologies would neither be developed nor be used. We are proud of our enduring people diversity – that makes for a multi-culture, multi-ethnic and multi-national team.



Our vision is to be a trusted Partner who

  1. Delivers outstanding performance to its Customers
  2. Fosters collaborative relationships amongst Buyers and Suppliers
  3. Provides the fastest and the most effective Upstream Supply Chain Management Solutions and Services


Our mission is to help, support and collaborate with our customers and with a view to deliver fast and accurate solutions that create value.

We want to be recognized as domain experts in and leaders in the eProcurement arena globally.


Our commitment is to provide our customers with the most effective and highest value 360-degree procurement solutions.


We believe in providing global-standard service to our customers by focusing on timely deliveries of supplies at reasonable prices that are compliant to regulatory and international requirements.


Awards & Recognitions

We have been The CIO Review Magazine’s Company of the Year for three years in a row!


Cimmra is an organization of dreamers with a determination to turn all our dreams into realities.
We are go-getters who focus on getting what we want, without having to compromise on things.
As an organization, we are zealous about our all-round performance, and the progress of those connected with us.
We form a group of people who work by ethics, value quality, cherish our customers and respect our environment.