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Cimmra Road Map

An industry-versatile solution like Cimmra ePS can never pause at anything, anytime. In our quest of constantly staying relevant, we have a definite roadmap of upcoming enhancements by way of additionl of modules, features and functionalities.

Here's a jist of what's coming up next - that's again dynamic and reflects the current moment. There's always more up our sleeve!

FY 2021-22



  • Non-PO Invoice Processing
  • Supplier Survey and Grading


  • Catalogue Management
  • Auction in RFX

FY 2022-23


  • Dashboards for Analytic
  • Create & Edit PO and Awarding Module


  • Contract Life Cycle Management
  • Multi-Lingual Application

FY 2023-24


  • Mobile App for Approvers
  • Back 2 Back Ordering / Punch Out


  • Sourcing Project Management Module

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