Cimmra Supplier Portal

Enable your Suppliers to conduct business completely and collaboratively online

Manage all day-to-day Supplier-Buyer Interactions, RFX Responses, Order Fulfillment Activities, Invoice Submissions to Settlements on the feature-rich Cimmra Supplier Portal platform to save time and effort, ensure accuracy and complete transparency.

Supplier Portal



Intuitive and easy-to-use common interface for all Supplier-centric business transactions and activities.

Provides notifications, transaction status, RFX Participation, Order Fulfillment, Invoice Submissions and Business Profile Management.

order management


Provides an interface to access, acknowledge and fulfill orders online.

Suppliers can also initiate order-related communication for speedy and documented resolution of issues.



Automated eInvoice generation avoids mismatches and inaccuracies in Invoicing in line with net deliveries received at the Buyer’s side, thereby reducing settlement cycle times greatly. Invoices approved in Cimmra ePS are passed into ERP for settlement.

Suppliers receive payment notifications with details synced back in from ERP.

sourcing event


Enables Suppliers to Participate by Acknowledging and Responding to RFPs upon invitation.

Also serves as an interface to Bid in Online Auctions they’re invited to.



Enables Suppliers to initiate intimation of intended shipments and upon approval, carry them out with all  necessary shipment documentation online.

For service delivery too, along the lines of ASN, Cimmra ePS provides for submission of Service Entry Sheets (SES) as well.

supplier profile management


Suppliers can self-service and maintain and update their own business profile and documentation with this interface, saving the Buyers and Supplier Management Team a lot of time and grunt work. Updated supplier profile records take effect after due diligence and approval through the authorized workflow only, to ensure authenticity.

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One of the largest BFSI organizations in APAC Region

Implementation of Cimmra has given us numerous advantages. Besides making the invoicing process paperless through online documentation, working with the Cimmra platform has completely streamlined our processes online. It has brought about an increased level of documentation compliance and thereby increased speed and efficiency in AP management.
These benefits have a considerable positive bearing on an organization like ours. We would definitely recommend the Cimmra AP Management to other BFSI and allied industry organizations for operational advantage.


A diverse Pharma conglomerate with multi-national operations

Being in the global healthcare industry calls for high-precision accuracy and dependability that is compliant with various standards and regulations like the USFDA 21 CFR Part 11, WHO and more. With Cimmra, we have been able to manage so much to a very high degree, as we’re able to completely map our SOPs into the system. We have been able to  significantly reduce send-backs of Invoices for correction increasing productivity across the board. Cimmra has appropriate localization for multiple countries to cover currency, taxation and global supplier adoption. The Cimmra platform’s Invoice Park-and-Post and Advance Provisioning help in on-time Settlements optimized as per Credit Periods available. Online near-real-time Status Updates on Invoices to Suppliers and Stakeholders are such a boon. We definitely recommend Cimmra for organizations of any size that wish to automate and streamline their AP process management.


An electricals organization with pan-Asia presence

Implementation of Cimmra in our organization has been driven out of need to shorten turn around time and bring about greater efficiency in the management of our procurement and settlement processes. We have definitely seen a good deal of increased productivity as we went paperless on Cimmra. Not only do we see a speedier process flow but also a lot of automation with alerts and reminders. Our worries of timely settlement of MSME sector are gone and so are the multiple occasions of rework on part of both the company as well as suppliers. We now have precise and accurate invoice documentation that undergo due-diligence online and be settled for in the shortest time. We are happy with Cimmra and won’t hesitate to recommend it as a solution of choice as organizations go digital.

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