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Posted on:18 March 2020 by Suntosh Mankodi

Sourcing Survey

In a modern world with advancements in process digitization, web and networking technologies have made possible to conduct an auction online. The popularity of online auctions has grown considerably in the last few years, giving a new momentum to the study and analysis of the process and challenges of conducting auctions online. Apart from technological problems, there are a variety of issues that needed to be addressed. So, we conducted a survey on LinkedIn with global level professionals responding from various industries and verticals to discover the main challenges faced by auctioneers during online auctions they conduct.

Challenges of Complexity: 23% of auctioneers in the survey find the process of setting up and running online auctions tedious and complex.

Solution: Cimmra Auctions is structured with Ease of Use in mind, that it is simple and speedy to set up and run auctions of all kinds and is flexible enough to meet with the auctioneer’s needs.

Challenges with Global Timing: About 15% of the survey respondents have problems with the running their online auctions across global time zones.

Solution: The scheduling feature in Cimmra Auctions allows you to setup your events in advance, and very easily schedule it to start in any global time zone of your choice.

Challenges with Multiple Currencies: 12% of auctioneers have stated that setting up online auctions with different currencies of bidding for various items is a key challenge.

Solution: Cimmra Auctions gives you the liberty to work with different currencies in any online auction. This makes it very practical for a mix of items from different countries of origin to be included in an online auction.

Challenge of Conclusive Outcomes: Half of the survey respondents pointed out towards a common major issue that haunts their online auction experience – incomplete outcomes.

Solution:  Cimmra Auctions comes with a beeline of settings for rules and preferences that let you define exactly how you want your auctions conducted, to derive exactly the kind of outcomes you desire.

Cimmra Auctions can resolve common and complex online auction issues while offering you a great deal of benefits. To trial-use, click here to register yourself for a free account right away:

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