How automation assisted PR creation helps kickstart sourcing faster.

Posted on:16 July 2020 by Amreen Khan


It is the need of the hour to have a fast growing strategic environment to keep up with the changing times. Needless to say the redundant paper based process not only wastes time but is also prone to inaccuracies.

Such processes are usually full of bottlenecks and the manual work is often time consuming. Automating tasks are excellent in terms of upgrading the workflow.

With firms dealing with extreme pressure of timely deliverance and keeping up with competition, automation is a saving grace.

Automation in the PR process helps in freeing up the time for logical and crucial decision making process. An automated process ensures that purchase requests don’t get lost in the pile and get dragged way past the deadlines creating a tarnished reputation amongst the stakeholders.

It helps eliminate unnecessary steps in a prompt business process. This not only helps deliver outcomes faster but is also so much more cost effective.

In any organization the need for supplies are ever present. It is imperative to address those needs appropriately. When you finally scale your business to new heights it is prime to make sure that the processes to create and handle Purchase Requisitions are meticulous and efficient enough to smoothen sourcing and fulfilment.

Handled in Cimmra with the help of robotic process automation, the purchase requisitions are assigned to the right category buyer for a straight forward process and hence leaves no room for work based disorders.

With Cimmra’s automation assisted purchase requisition processing, all stakeholders can rest assured of a surer and speedier sourcing cycle and stay updated on the progress anytime, from anywhere.

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