How AI Can Ease Your Daily Procurement Work

Posted on:15 May 2020/by Amreen Khan

Robotic process automation

Every company, big or small, survives on a demand and supply balance. With procurement being a key function of every company, the need for revolutionary solutions is the need of the hour to ensure its business continuity under current constraints of lockdowns and social distancing.

Cimmra, helping intricately manage the critical balance between supply and demand, integrates robotic process automation (RPA) in its handling of procurement and supplier management processes. As a segment of artificial intelligence most vital in sourcing, the use of RPA by Cimmra in its procurement process is what makes it so much more efficient and reliable.

Creating an efficient and seamless process 

By following preset procedures defined for key activities, RPA helps create an efficient and seamless model or process of sourcing that eliminates human intervention in mundane activities that stand automated, making room for better strategic thinking and decision-making, giving companies an edge over the competitors. With this, the proficiency of the company increases significantly while saving several man days a year in time and resources.

Ensuring accuracy, speed and efficiency while reducing expenses

While everything comes at a cost and so does eProcurement, investing in Cimmra doesn’t cost you the earth. Also, this is an investment that has paid for itself well within the first few months of usage itself in several major corporations the world over. This, while it further ensures a significant range of savings, bringing about much needed ease on the financial front of procurement in today’s testing times

Minimising risks

Like already mentioned before, the wise usage of advanced technological methods in the eProcurement processes also significantly minimise the risks involved in sourcing with respect to compliance, timeliness in fulfilment, reduction of rejection ratios, anomalies in shipment, and timely settlements. This goes a long way in ensuring worry-free management of upstream supply chains.

Identifying better opportunities for sourcing

We all understand how different sourcing truly is from making purchases. What makes it even better is finding the right sources and being able to negotiate efficiently to your strategic advantage. Cimmra allows you to achieve this, making the entire process more affordable without compromising on the quality of procurement.

Thus, the implementation of modern technologies in eProcurement has brought about optimum efficiency of all involved processes to its peak. Its implementation has certainly helped several global companies and enterprises of all sizes take that giant leap to take it closer to being the epitome of all-round efficiency and higher levels of progress.

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