Automated Purchase Requisition Handling - with Intelligence Applied!

Posted on:22/10/2020/by Suntosh Mankodi

There are multiple ways a PR can come into play, when you work with Cimmra.

PR Created in ERP 

  • PR data would seamlessly flow into Cimmra eProcurement Suite as a result of periodic scheduled synchronization between Cimmra and your ERP. 

PR Created in Cimmra

  • PRs can also be created in the Cimmra eProcurement System by Users and submitted for Sourcing and Fulfillment. 
  • Mass upload of items and details can be done through a quick import process, to include Bills of Material/Quantities with several hundred line items using a pre-defined spreadsheet template. 

Purchase Requisition handling needs more intelligence than an automatic card dealing machine. And a conventional approach to managing PRs goes by a cumbersome process of manually determining the right category manager to carry out the onward sourcing exercise. To prevent commitment of precious time in such mundane activities which are meant to be just following an assignment matrix, all you need is intelligent automation.

PR Handling - Doing it Intelligently

How does Cimmra automate PR handling?  The Cimmra eProcurement Suite is RPA driven; it reads up the PR content, parses it and looks up a pre-defined assignment matrix, to straightway forward it to the right Category Manager’s dashboard. Oh, doesn't it become so short and simple!

Highly Simplified PR Processi


  • PRs that are assigned to a pre-nominated Category Buyer, would become available to be included in one or more Sourcing Events at the discretion of the Buyer.

Well, actually from here onwards, Sourcing with Cimmra keeps getting even more interesting. Why don’t you reach out to us on Cimmra for a free demo?