Automation-assisted Auction Administration with Unattended Bidding for the Outcomes you Desire.

The essence of Cimmra Auctions is a potent combination of speed, efficiency and much needed flexibility. It enables you to choose from a range of Auction Approaches like Standard (English), Vickrey, Preferential, Dutch and Japanese in both Forward and Reverse modes.

Key Features


Flexible Controls

Set rules as per your preference in order to conduct Auctions your way. Use multiple aspects of Rule Settings available for optimum alignment with the outcomes you desire.

  • Bidding Transparency Settings
  • Bidding Rules
  • Prequalifiers
  • Time Management and Extensions
  • Preparatory Activities and Prebids
  • Bid Revision Approaches
  • Tie Bids
  • Lead Bid Protection and Bid Revision Spread

Refine Rules During On-going Auctions

Keep fine-tuning Rules as necessary, even as Current Bidding progresses

While you begin your Auction event with an initial set of Rule Settings, on-going auction situations often call for a change in rules in order for its progress to stay on course, stay participative and yield better.

Cimmra Auctions provides you the means to keep modifying the Rule Settings to refine, stimulate, control or regulate bidding as per needs felt during the auction progress.


Proxy Bidding by Buyer

A feature that helps a Supplier to Keep Bidding even when disconnected

Cimmra Auctions enables the Supplier to continue bid participation even when faced with a technical malfunction, by requesting the Buyer to bid on their behalf through the resilient Proxy feature.

The Buyer can post bids as requested and the Supplier's participation can continue without disrupting the remaining participants' bidding while keeping it documented in logs and reports.

global-nature (1) (1)

Global by Nature

Supports Multiple Time Zones and Default Currency for an Auction

Set your Auction to run on any Time Zone that suits your Bidders' geographic presence

Choose a different Currency for Certain Items as necessary in the same Auction

  • Selection of Time Zones
  • Multiple Currencies
global-nature (1) (1)
AuctionApproachesAndTypes (1)

Multiple Auction Approaches and Types

Choose from a variety of Globally Popular Auction Approaches for both Procurement and Disposal

  • English (Standard) Auctions
  • Preferential Auctions
  • Vickrey Auctions
  • Dutch Auctions
  • Japanese Auctions
  • Reverse and Forward Types in each of these Approaches

Quick Auctions Setup with Excel® Uploads

Simply enter ...

  • All Auctions Setup Info
  • Items and Suppliers

... in an Excel® Template - and upload to speedily create any Auction in a single shot!


Auctions Security and Compliance

  • Secure Communication ensured through end-to-end 128-bit Encryption
  • Total System Transparency ensured through Activity Logs and Audit Trails
  • Online Commit of Posted Data ensures your Pre-bids and Preparatory Entries remain Saved and Confidential

Ease of Use, Access and Portability

  • Simple, Uncluttered interface
  • Intuitive system layout that can be used by anyone without any training
  • Multiple Easy Options to Quickly Create and Float Auctions of any Approach and Type
  • Cross-Platform Continuity ensures that you begin bidding at your desk, take your laptop to the conference room and leave it there, and continue bidding from your smartphone on-the-move in your car
  • Meaningful Completion and Outcome Reports

Alerts, Reminders and Notifications

Multimode System Communication on ...




... to ensure you always stay updated on any platform available!

Easy and Flexible Subscription Options

Annual Limited Events Subscription - Options of Basic, Silver and Gold Usage Packs

Pricing Plans

Package Inclusions 3 Auctions / Simply Register! Free Trial 15 Auctions / 1 Year Validity / Paid in Advance /Reach Us 50 Auctions / 1 Year Validity / Paid in Advance /Reach Us Premium Account / As per Agreed Terms / Reach us to Discuss!
Auction Event Sizing:
Max Items in an Auction: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Auction Approaches:
Standard (English) Auctions
Japanese Auctions
Dutch Auctions
Vickrey Auctions
Auction Modes:
Forward and Reverse Auctions
Support Inclusions:
Subscriber Profile Setup
User Training by Webinar
Dedicated User Training Session
On-call Support
Custom Support Options
Key Highlights:
One-time, Single-User per Organization
Admin Account
Multiple User Accounts
Simultaneous Auctions
Auction Templates (Save, Copy, Edit, Run)
Master Data Sync-In from ERP
Award Data Sync-Out to ERP
Value Addition:

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