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Cimmra eProcurement Suite works to Streamline, Automate and Economize your Procurement, to Increase Margins and Help your Business Grow Rapidly.

Smooth, Timely and Economic Procurement Cycles Keep the Cogwheels Of Industry Going and The Supply Chain Moving

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A Simple, Robust, Cloud-ready Procure-to-Pay Suite that Digitizes the entire Procurement Process for all stages from Sourcing till Settlement. A Solution that grows with your organization, being Modular, Flexible, Scalable... and Affordable too.

Procure-to-Pay Process Flow

Purchase Requisition

Quick and Composite PR Creation with Instant Lookup for any combination of Items with Vendor Catalogues. Auto-assignment to Item Category Sourcing Groups with Flexible Workflows. Simple flip to RFX/Auctions for new PRs. PRs can also flow in from your ERP!

Request for Quote/Responses

Easy RFX Creation: Flip any PR to an RFX/Auction Event. Select Suppliers from a Smart Source List or simply clone an existing RFX/Auction event to create and publish a new sourcing event even more quickly!

Supplier Responses

Simple-to-use interface to Monitor Responses progressively received from Suppliers against various RFX Questionnaires/Components, Technical and Other Pre-qualifiers. All this, from a conveniently accessible Central Event Dashboard.

Analyse Award Scenarios

Analyze Responses Quantitatively and Qualitatively at the click of a button. Check out Supplier Performances so far, with Instant Intelligence. Create Award Scenarios based on Shares of Business allocated by Percentage, Amount or Quantities of Items involved.


Simply select Terms from a Terms Bank and Award Sourcing Events without conventional efforts at the click of a Button, based on most suitable Award Scenario.


Supply Orders can either be created in ERP and pulled into Cimmra eProcurement Suite or create Orders right here to be synchronized with your ERP transparent to all Event Stakeholders.

Order Acceptance and Fulfilment

Suppliers access their on-line Dashboard to receive Orders, review and accept Terms and Schedule of Supply. In-system communication helps coordinate for pre-shipment inspections, etc beforehand.

ASN and Goods Receipt

Suppliers simply flip an Order into an ASN to notify the Buyer, Warehouse and other Stakeholders with shipment details. ASN can simply be flipped into a GRN for supplies received, for smooth Order-to-Fulfilment reconciliation.


An approved ASN can be simply flipped to Invoice which in turn goes to facilitate a 3-way matching of Supply Order, ASN and invoice to serve for automated payment progressing with Smart Exception Handling.

Supplier Management and Self Service

Supplier Life Cycle Management

Complete management of a Supplier’s association with an organization from application for empanelment, scrutiny and on-boarding till disassociation - with periodic supplier due diligence, supplier performance and quality tracking.

Supplier Compliance

Cimmra eProcurement Suite tracks validity of any compliance linked certifications or licenses and highlights any upcoming expiry that can suspend the Supplier from smooth supply operations. The system also maintains an audits schedule with feedback to track action against non-conformity.

Supplier Risk Mitigation

Cimmra eProcurement Suite’s Instant Intelligence and On-Demand Analytics highlight the risks associated in dealing with a Supplier, in terms of Compliance, Timeliness, Quality, Certifications, Past Supply Discrepancies, Service Satisfaction and other parameters, in order for the Buyer to take an informed decision.

Issues Management

Cimmra eProcurement Suite facilitates smooth logging, redressal and closure of issues relating to Procurement. The Issues Management interface helps classify each Issue into a category which is then assigned by an automated workflow to an individual or group charged with its resolution and future mitigation with transparent progress tracking and life-cycle management.


Auctions Setup

Auctions can be created by flipping an RFx or Event Clone and just modifying the required parameters or a new Event freshly from scratch by defining Items and Suppliers; just selecting suitable Bidding Rules, Timelines and Publishing the Auction Event.


Suppliers, Buyers and Team Members can Collaboratively Participate in the Auction Event through an intuitive and convenient interface nicely aided Instant Intelligence and Event Actions throughout its Bidding Cycles.

Awarding Auctions

Buyers can conveniently evaluate the Bids and Responses and speedily award the Event to the most suitable Supplier, aided by Scenarios and Instant Intelligence.

How is Cimmra eProcurement Suite the Smart Sourcing Solution?

Platform Independent

Cimmra eProcurement Suite is designed and developed to run across different operating systems and VM’s such as Linux and Windows.

Device Independent

The responsive nature of our platform provides flexibility to users of various computing platforms like Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, iPads and Mobile Phones running Android or iOS.

Inherent Security

Cimmra eProcurement Suite’s multi layered platform hosted on Microsoft Azure is deployed with audit-ready security standards by leading agencies in the security space, thus adhering to a modern company’s stringent IT security policies. The architecture also allows an organization to configure dual authentication and apply its own SSL certification for encryption.

Integration with Custom ERP Platforms

Cimmra eProcurement Suite has been built to work seamlessly with leading ERP platforms of the world as well as custom-built ERPs and supports multiple global approaches for integration and data synchronization.